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Der zweite Beitrag von Mooseallain beschreibt sehr gut, warum Twitter für manche (auch für mich) ein unentbehrliches Medium geworden ist – und dass es nicht Eitelkeit sein muss, wenn man sich für Retweets und Favs interessiert.

The World of Moose

A dull blog. But necessary for technical reasons. If you’re reading it, it’s very likely that I’ve sent you a link so I don’t have to explain myself on twitter.

Every now and then I like to have a bit of a moan about my beloved twitter website and its apps. Partly because I’m a human man but also because I care about twitter and how it works and also I’ve got nothing better to do.

I recently moaned about the number of promoted tweets (it’s around 1 in 10 for me now) on the native twitter apps. Inevitably I get replies saying „Don’t use it then“ or „Try this app instead“ etc.

Now, the thing is, I know these are well intentioned and meant to be helpful, so thank you for that. However, what they all seem to miss is that we each use and experience twitter in different…

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